Room Rental Agreement

(Call for Reservations)

  1. Restaurant Rental - Minimum $1,300.00 in Food and Beverage Excluding the Month of December with is $1,500.00. 
    (Maximum Occupancy - 110)
  2. City of Pasadena Sales Tax of 8.25%
  3. Gratuity is 18% 
  4. Reservation is for 3 Hours with Each Additional Hour at $100.00
  5. Arrangements for Decorating Should Be Made Prior to Event. Depending on our open hours, you should have ample amount of time.
  6. There is a $200.00 Non-Refundable Deposit. (Deposit is Returned If Room is Rented for Your Date)
  7. No Confetti Or Glitter Allowed
  8. Decorating of Restaurant is $15.00 Per Hour
  9. BYOB - If You Bring Your Own Alcohol, and Desserts, Cups, Glasses and Silverware Are Not Furnished
  10. Black Linen Table Covers - $7.00 (Round or Rectangle)